LOGLINE: In the spirit of The Blind Side and We Are Marshall, a young up-and-coming ice hockey natural, whose father was an NHL legend, must confront his past and overcome his fears while the fate of a small town's hopes and dreams hangs in the balance.

LOCKPORT is a coming-of-age film that takes place in the small blue-collar town it’s named after, just north of Buffalo, New York, where hockey is king.  It's the story of 18-year-old Steve “Doc” Dockery, an incredible hockey player predicted to go pro straight out of high school.  But when his parents are killed in a car accident outside of Boston, Doc is forced to move to Lockport to live with his Uncle Joe.  Everyone in town knows Doc's father was an NHL superstar, and everyone expects Doc to take them to a state championship—their first in 30 years.  The pressure is on.  But where the people of Lockport see Doc as a godsend, his new teammates see him as an outsider and a show-off, and he has trouble connecting with them.  Friendless, fatherless, Doc braves a friendship with Edie Downs, the quirky, reclusive woman across the street who has her own troubled history with this town...and his life will never be the same again.

As talented as he is, and as much as he loves hockey, Doc has another ambition: driven by the untimely death of his parents, Doc wants to become a doctor and save lives.  As the elusive state championship approaches, he will have to make a choice between two great dreams.  Which means: his greatest goal may not be scored on the ice.